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Working With Custom Primary Key in Django Models

Published Oct 31, 2020 by Ritij Jain

Usually, Django automatically adds an integer id field to every model, this acts as an auto-incrementing primary key for every object of the model. This means objects of this model can be accessed one by...

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WeatherPie Django Weather App

Published Jul 27, 2020 by Ritij Jain

Most weather apps do a decent job delivering weather conditions and the forecast but leave it up to the user to interpret them and decide what clothing in their closet might work that day. However,...


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A Django social app that lets college students create and search discussion pages where they can post notes and links for others to explore.

Gathered over 2,000 page views, 350 unique users in the first 3 days of release

Backend: Python, Django; Frontend: Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS; Deployment: Heroku, PostgreSQL

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A lightweight Python based text search framework for Django.

SearchAlgo implements NLTK and Gensim for data processing and class inheritance to modularize design.

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PlasmaLink helps connect plasma donors and patients in need of convalescent plasma therapy for COVID treatment.

PlasmaLink was made in wake of India's devastating second COVID wave.

Backend: Python, Django; Frontend: Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, HTML/CSS; Deployment: Heroku, MongoDB

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A Django weather app equipped with a Python clothing suggestion algorithm that delivers a personalized weather forecast and suggests clothing based on the weather.

Backend: Python, Django; Frontend: Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS; Deployment: Heroku, PostgreSQL

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A Django-based system that renders printable pages using YAML data and HTML/CSS templates.

Implements a data merger algorithm that allows YAML documents to inherit from a parent YAML document greatly minimizing data repetition.

This project is closed-source, if you want to learn more about this, reach me at <email protected>.


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