General Privacy Policy

Last updated Nov 1, 2020

  1. This is a general privacy policy that applies to all user accessible apps developed by Ritij Jain. This includes but is not limited to web apps like websites, mobile apps, scripts, and developer tools.
  2. In this privacy policy, “App(s)” refers to any apps developed by Ritij Jain, “user(s)” refers to any person or entity using the app for any purpose, and “Developer(s)” refers to Ritij Jain and any other party directly involved in the development of said app.
  3. Apps may rely on “cookies” for core functionality and analytics. Learn more about “cookies” on Users must accept “cookies”.
  4. Apps may collect usage analytics using Google Analytics. Users must agree with Google”s privacy policy.
  5. User-inputted information added to any of the apps for example using forms, searches, buttons etc. may be stored indefinitely. Where possible, developer(s) will make best effort to delete this data in the event of a reasonable request. Users can request data removal by contacting the developer(s) at <email protected>.
  6. This privacy policy may be overridden by any individual app’s privacy policy, the Federal Laws and Regulations of the United States, and where reasonable, the discretion of the developer(s).
  7. This privacy policy may change at any time without prior notice.
  8. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the developer(s) at <email protected>.


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