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GPA Calculator Spreadsheet

Published May 14, 2020 by Ritij Jain

A screenshot of the GPA calculator spreadsheet.

A screenshot of the GPA calculator spreadsheet.

Amid COVID-19, many universities are offering alternate grading options to help students with maintaining a good GPA. For example, Penn State is giving students an option to change their grade of C or better to a “SAT” grade which will not affect their GPA.

Calculating how a certain grade will affect your GPA can be very useful. Most universities are already offering tools to do this but most of them are slow and hard to use. This spreadsheet I have compiled aims to make this easier. Simply enter your grades and the spreadsheet will calculate your cumulative and semester GPA.

Even though this spreadsheet is based on the Penn State grading system, you can easily modify the sheet to match your institution’s grading system. Do this by scrolling down to row 54 on the spreadsheet and following the instructions there.


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